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My son attends in the toddler room at the Little Academy where he is always greeted with a smile and a warming cuddle.

He loves going to nursery and I feel he is safe and provided with the best care possible.

The girls are amazing at what they do and the management team is always accommodating and friendly.


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All three of my kids have attended The Little Academy Day Nursery and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have had no issue with this nursery. Very good service and the teachers are very good.

I would also like to point out that one particular member of staff at The Little Academy has been brilliant to the kids, she is very energetic, fun and enthusiastic, the kids love being around her.

Overall, it's a good nursery and I am glad to have sent all three of my kids there.


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My son has been going to this nursery for 2 years now and has learned so much and is very happy. Staff is great. They give detailed feedback and offer advice when wanted.

Nursery manager is very helpful and deals with queries quickly and efficiently. They have an invaluable blog facility which allows you to see pictures of what your child has been doing.

Whilst my son was settling in I thought this was amazing as when I dropped him off he would be crying but I could see videos and pictures of him smiling during the day which was a great comfort.


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The Little Academy are fantastic, my son thoroughly enjoys his time there. 
The staff are fantastic, he always seems to be doing such fun activities and learning.


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The Little Academy is a forward-thinking, child-focused nursery and they are most supportive of parents, particularly like ourselves who have a child on the ASD spectrum.

Their non-judgemental attitude to children regardless of abilities is something which has always appealed to us as parents, and I commend The Little Academy for their continued professionalism.

The staff is kind, warm and loving and we all have a very good relationship with each other.


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The Nursery staff are friendly, welcoming and professional and have been very supportive in my son's development and keep me up to date with his progress which I can also see for myself via the elog app.


My son has become a lot more confident and interacts well with other children. It is a safe and happy environment!




Source: daynurseries.co.uk 

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