The Little Academy - About Us

Our Premises

Our nursery is a purpose built building located in the grounds of Hatch End High School on Tillotson Road - off Headstone Lane in Harrow. The building is safe and secure with an outside play area to provide care for children aged 3 months to five years.

Children move through rooms when they are confident and secure and this does vary with each child. Your key person will advise when your child is ready to move to the next room. Below is the approximate age rand for each room

The Baby Room - Three months to approximately 18 months

At the Little Academy we believe that babies need to be loved and nurtured. For younger babies their pattern of feeding and sleeping will be maintained and we will adapt to their needs as they develop. The room is self-contained and well-resourced allowing the babies and younger toddlers to explore their environment and develop their natural curiosity in their own time. Within the room is a separate sleep area and kitchen allowing staff to easily maintain ratios throughout the day.

Toddlers - Approximately 18 months to  Two Years 3 months

Toddlers are keen to explore the world around them and at The Little academy we encourage this natural instinct. Your child will be able to explore a range of sounds, explore their senses of taste and smell, explore objects with a wide range of properties, explore body movement, practise mobility, be outdoors.

Nursery - Approximately Two Years 3 months to Three Years 3 months

Within the nursery area the children will begin to operate more independently and develop their own ideas and direct their own play. They learn to respect others, develop their social skills and have a disposition to learn. The children are given the opportunity and encouragement to use their skills in a range of situations and for a range of purposes. As children approach three years we start preparing them for the more formal learning process in the pre-school room.

Pre-School - Three Years 3 months to Five years

In Preschool we employ a teacher so that we can help your child get ready for school. The teacher and staff work with your child to develop their interest in learning.  This will be achieved through purposeful play which will be designed to be interesting and stimulating as well as cover the Early Learning Goals for the Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum. Your child will take part in a wide range of activities including Sand and Water play, Book corner, Writing and pencil control, Maths, Art and Crafts, Construction, Science, Role play and Music.

Our Staff

Our nursery staff are focused on providing fun and education. They help your child to develop as an individual, whilst helping to nurture and encourage learning through discovery and enjoyment. All our staff are expected to engage in skilful and sensitive interactions to support a child's learning. This ensures that play opportunities, resources and interactions indoors and outdoors are appropriate to the stage of development that your child is at.

All Our staff are qualified, experienced childcare professionals holding a variety of recognised childcare qualifications. They work to a very high standard continually monitoring the needs of the children. This is done through observing, assessing and recording this information which is then used to plan for each child's individual needs and interest.

We also employ a qualified teacher who provides activities to encourage your child's education. Our teacher has the flexibility to have small groups which can then entail her to spend quality time focusing on the children's needs.

We operate a Key-person system in the nursery and encourage all parents to actively participate in their own child's learning.

The nursery is registered and conforms to all relevant legislation.

Parents as partners

The Little Academy recognises the important role that parents play in their children's development and progress. All parents are encouraged to be involved in their child's learning and take an active role both at home and at the nursery. We encourage all parents to become familiar with the routine to ensure that there is consistency between their home life and nursery.